We met 5 yrs ago outside the Louvre.

I was in doing a tour around Europe and happened to be in Paris in the right time. After I left we kept in touch for these years as friends. We always treated each other as that, but I knew my feelings were growing stronger as I got to know him deeply with our conversations. Last year I was going to spend the summer in Paris learning french and I told him so I could see him for a couple of days, we agreed to call each other once I was there to set the date… I was thrilled. 

The day I arrived, he was there at the airport waiting for me. Since that moment we stayed together, giving me the best summer of my life (I never even went to my french lessons).

Since July 4th we are a couple. I was in France this past winter, and he spent 3 months this summer traveling with me in México.

He left 3 weeks ago, and it hurts more than ever. I always thought we’d get more used to the distance with the passing of time but it just gets harder to bear.

As I finish college this winter, I’m doing everything to be able to move to Paris in the beginning of next year.
I just pray everyday for that day to come.