So everyone is expecting our story right? We met october 15,2010. We were in 8th grade then. Our little sisters were bestfriends but we finally met until that night. The night we met we sat on my porch talking for four hours. the monday we went back to school after that night I had a schedule change and was put in the same english class as him. He walked me home that day and asked me to be his girlfriend. Since october 18th, 2010 we have become inseparable. I could not have chosen a more perfect person to be with. We are crazy in love with other. We have our days where we annoy the shit out of each other and other days where were obsessed with each other. We have plans for our future and I hope they all come true. Were young but I’m sure he’s my guy forever. I love him with my whole heart and I’m so happy to be with him.