Usually I just write how much I love him, but I think everyone can see that from this photo. What I’d like to say is to anyone reading this: Take a chance on love ♥

Nathan is two years younger than me. He was in high school and I was in college when I first met him, which was through his brother, who is my age. And it seemed like a big deal, to go for the younger sibling. Now that we’ve been together for over a year I am so thankful that I took a risk and went for him instead of going for someone my age just because it might have been less awkward. He is completely everything I was waiting for and more. It doesn’t matter that he’s younger, sometimes I even forget because he’s such an old soul. He’s my perfect match and he makes me happy - that’s what is really important. Don’t be afraid of what everyone else thinks or of this ideal you have in your head. If you feel a spark with someone…just go for it, don’t let it fade, because they could be the best decision you’ve ever made.