yay contest time!

Hey all you folks who love to design stuff…

FYKissing is looking for a super awesome logo! So if you think you have a great idea, break out your Photoshop, GIMP, PSP, whatever you use, and get working away.

We’d like a banner (any size but not massive. Basically no bigger than 780x250ish, no smaller than 700x100ish. Just use proper judgement.) that incorporates our site name anyway you want. No requirements. We’d prefer that it has “fy” or “fuckyeah” and “kissing” in it..of course. “tumblr” is optional- if we sell merch with the name on it, we’d like to be able to put “.tumblr.com” at the end so people know to go to .tumblr.com since we don’t have our own domain name yet. 

NOTE: If you use pictures from here, make sure you are able to credit it! We will not be accepting banners using images that don’t have credit. 

If yours wins, clearly we’ll use it on our site. The winner and I can discuss if it’ll go on merchandise at another time. That’s way in the future.

Send entries to fykissing@gmail.com, with your name and tumblr (if you don’t have one, that’s cool). Entries due by May 9th. If you have an AMAZING idea but cannot execute it in that time, e-mail me. Also if you guys want a prize for winning…I’ll think about it. Maybe a free shirt or something.